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Tooth Whitening | WS4 Dental Care

What is Tooth Whitening?

Teeth become discoloured by:

  • age
  • tobacco stains
  • use of certain foods
  • medications
  • beverages

We offer 2 systems to combat this discolouration and get teeth white again:

  1. in practice whitening
  2. take home whitening

Find out more about each below.

What is tooth whitening?

In Practice Tooth Whitening

  • Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is a scientifically advanced teeth whitening procedure consisting of 4 x 15 minute sessions.
  • It’s ideal for anyone looking for immediate results.
  • With advanced LED whitening technology from Philips, the results are better than ever.
  • Why wait for results when you can have whiter teeth now?
Phillips Zoom Whitening

Take Home Tooth Whitening

  • We take impressions of your teeth and have individually constructed trays made.
  • Dr. Yusuf will then demonstrate how to use the trays at home.
  • The trays are worn for a minimum of an hour a day until the desired shade is achieved.
  • Normal whitening time is between 7-10 days. In some cases it might take longer.
  • This method gives patients full control and flexibility to whiten their teeth in stages and achieve a whiter smile without damaging your teeth.
White Teeth

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How Zoom teeth whitening works?

Zoom whitening is another type of teeth whitening system that a dentist can provide. A bleaching product is painted onto your teeth and then a light is shone on them to activate the whitening. Zoom whitening takes about an hour.

How well does Zoom teeth whitening work?

It is a misconception that Zoom whitening can always brighten your teeth in a single visit or better than home whitening. That said, even with multiple sessions at an average of 60 minutes apiece, the process is still substantially faster than whitening trays, which generally involve the customer to adopt a lifestyle change for the few weeks he or she is undergoing the process.

How many sessions of Zoom teeth whitening do you need?

Just one but may need to be further topped up by home whitening kit

What to do after Zoom teeth whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening produces quick results, normally in less than an hour, however for short period after the treatment teeth are at risk of re-staining. This is because the process opens micro-pores in the teeth and makes them more susceptible to becoming stained. In order to get the best results from the whitening process it pays to follow a few guidelines in order to prevent any re-staining. The main thing to avoid is eating or drinking anything with a dark colour. Drinks that are particularly bad include tea, coffee, red wine, and cola. Foods to avoid include curry, dark green vegetables, red meat, soy sauce, and dark fruits such as berries. Food and drinks with artificial colouring should also be avoided.

It is best to refrain from eating or drinking these things for at least 48 hours after the teeth whitening treatment. Many specialists who offer teeth whitening procedures recommend following a white diet for the first 48 hours after treatment. This involves only eating and drinking anything that is white and makes it easy to choose safe options.

This includes food such as bananas, chicken, rice, and pasta and drinks such as milk, water, or lemonade. As a basic rule, anything that would stain a white shirt, would also stain teeth and therefore should be avoided. Drinking through a straw can also help as this reduces the amount of contact the liquid has with the teeth. Smokers should also refrain from smoking for at least 24 hours after the treatment. After the treatment avoid brushing teeth too hard, while the micro-pores are still open. Following the treatment, it is important to brush regularly in order to maintain good oral hygiene.

What are the side effects of Zoom teeth whitening?

Risk of some sensitivity and sore gums

How long does Zoom teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening results carry no 100% guarantee in terms of initial results or how long they will last. It is both patient and lifestyle dependent

How much is Zoom teeth whitening?

The price for this procedure can be anything from 500 to 800 pounds in the UK. In our practice the price is £500 and also includes the take home trays.

What not to eat after Zoom teeth whitening?

Very heavily stained foods such as black coffee, red wine, curry, beetroot etc

Which is better, Zoom teeth whitening or bleaching?

Both can have similar results, just Zoom teeth whitening is more immediate and done in a controlled environment by a dentist.Home bleaching is done at home over a period of 7-14 days.

What is the best teeth whitening system?


Zoom teeth whitening when pregnant

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