General Dental Services

General and Restorative Dentistry

We offer all aspects of general dentistry providing a full service for patients requiring routine care. We are able to offer all the latest techniques in crowns, veneers and smile enhancement.

Orthodontic Treatments

We offer Invisalign treatments - straightening teeth with almost invisible aligners. We also offer Quick Straight Teeth treatments.

Occlusal (bite) Problems

Occlusal (bite) problems can give rise to a number of symptoms from broken restorations through to headaches. Occlusal examination is carried out on all patients and treatment offered as required.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We provide a full range of cosmetic dental treatment including tooth coloured restorations, crowns, veneers and tooth whitening. See our Smile Enhancements web page.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment (also known as root filling or endodontics) means removing damaged or dead pulp and filling the canal. The remaining tooth can then be repaired.

Children's Dentistry

Unfortunately dental disease can start early in life. The good news is, it is preventable. We aim to lay the foundations in childhood for a life free from dental disease.