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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment | WS4 Dental Care

What is anti wrinkle treatment?

As we get older, our skin loses the supple elasticity it once had. As a result, we acquire more fine lines and wrinkles. These can be resolved by using wrinkle softening treatments. Yusuf uses the latest in facial rejuvenation to give your skin a smoother and younger appearance using a safe and virtually painless non-surgical technique.

What is botox?

How does it work?

Wrinkle softening works by relaxing the muscles, making the muscle temporarily unable to contract which then causes the skin overlying these muscles to become flattened against the muscles and smooth.

How does botox treatment work?

Who is suitable?

Suitability is established on a per-case basis. A complimentary consultation would be arranged where we would discuss your needs and requirements and then establish your suitability for treatment.

Who is suitable for botox?

What is the treatment like?

Anti-wrinkle treatment is administered using very thin fine needles. The process is virtually painfree and a local anaesthetic cream is used prior to administering the treatment. It usually takes 24-72 hours for it to take effect, although it may be as long as 5 days.

What is botox treatment like

Is it safe & what are the risks?

The product that we use at the practice is Azzalure. Azzalure is a botulinum toxin (Botox) type A, specifically designed for the use in aesthetic treatments. Patients generally compare the feeling to having their eyebrows plucked. We advise patients not to use aspirin as this can increase the risk of bruising.

is botox safe

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Anti-wrinkle treatment at WS4 Dental Care

Our treatment at WS4 has been designed to be as hassle-free as possible. Our staff are trained to make sure your experience is enjoyable - from our initial consultation, to the actual procedure. Everything has been thought of to make sure your treatment is something you look forward to.

Why pick WS4 dental care for botox treatments

Your consultation

Your consultation with Yusuf will consist of an in-depth discussion about what your expectations are. We listen carefully to what you want to achieve, then we work together to guide you towards the results that you want. From there, we will give you a detailed assessment so you leave with full knowledge of what the treatment will consist of and what your results will be.

your botox consultation at WS4 Dental Care

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One Area £109 £27
Two Areas £168 £42
Three Areas £219 £54
Free Dental Examination N/A Every 12 Months

Anti wrinkle injections are our most popular treatment. It reduces the muscle activity below the surface of your skin that softens the appearance of lines. It is commonly used to treat prominent wrinkles both on the forehead and at the sides of the eyes otherwise known as crows feet.

WS4 offers a payment scheme called Faceplan that allows you to contribute monthly payments towards regular botox treatments

The price you pay each month will depend on how many areas you want to be treated, and how many treatments you wish to have.

  • Discreet Professional Environment
  • Treatment provided by a medical professional
  • Spread the cost of your treatment

Join our monthly Face Plan after your first treatment is completed

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